The South Dakota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (SDAND) is a professional organization of over 200 registered dietitians, licensed nutritionists, dietetic technicians and dietetics students, residing in and around the state of South Dakota.  SDAND members represent a wide range of practice areas: medical nutrition therapy, public health, sports nutrition, diet counseling, food service management, hospitals, restaurants, long-term care facilities and education systems.

Mission: Serving the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, and well being.
: SDAND dietetic practitioners are the leading source of food and nutrition service practitioners in South Dakota.
: SDAND is governed by a Board of Directors which includes 11 voting members and 11 non-voting members. We host an annual convention held in conjunction with other affiliate organizations of the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, held each September in either Sioux Falls or Rapid City. The Digest, our association newsletter, is published quarterly and is available on the Members Only page.

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 Fall Meeting:
September 19-21-2018 
Sioux Falls Convention Center

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