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SDAND is always looking for members interested in serving on the Board of Directors (BOD). Being a member of the BOD is an excellent way to network, see your membership dollars at work and improve the landscape of South Dakota dietitians. To find out more about becoming a board member, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SDAND Board of Directors

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 Shelly Brandenburger
 Christa Biegler
 Past President:
 Sue Benson Davies
 Whitney Jerman
 Angie Miller
 Tanja Cutting
 Fundraising Chair:
 Mary Beth Russell
 Public Policy Coordinator:  Lindsay Stern
 Public Policy Coordinator-Elect:  
 State Policy Representative:  Kristi Langerak
 Consumer Protection Liaison:  Karley Briggs
 State Regulatory Representative:  Mary Kallemeyn
 Reimbursement Representative:  Helen Nichols
 Digest Editor:  Anne Ailts
 SDAND Social Media Representative:  Lizzie Kuckuk
 SDAND Spokesperson:  Alyssa McLellan
 State Awards Chair:  Abby Mathistad
 New Member Communication Liaison:  Mary Kallemeyn
 Nominating Committee Chairperson:  Becky Jensen
 Nominating Committee:  William S. Wonnenberg
 Nominating Committee:  Kari Blasius
 Student Liaison:  Brianna Erickson
 List Serve Monitor:  Suzanne Stluka
 Executive Coordinator:  Mary Jane Richardson










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 Fall Meeting:
September 19-21-2018 
Sioux Falls Convention Center

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