Student Liaison Position

Job Description

Term: One year
Time Commitment: Attend SDAND BOD meetings (generally held quarterly through call-in conference calls and the general membership meeting held at SDHO in early fall), plus approximately two to fours hours of communication with other students and other programs.

◦ Student member of the Academy.
◦ Class standing minimum of a Junior standing in the Academy Accredited Dietetics program with in South Dakota.
◦ Active within the campus nutrition student clubs.
◦ Available to serve one year as a student in student status.

This is a non-voting board position. Key roles are:
◦ To represent student views across the state at SDAND BOD meetings.
◦ Provide communication to dietetic student programs within the state.
◦ Encourage and recruit student members to participate in SDAND related functions.

General Duties
◦ Encourage communication with dietetic programs and SDAND.
◦ Cultivate student participation in district (where appropriate) and state activities.
◦ Inform students with professional education opportunities within the state as available.
◦ Encourage dietetic students to become AND members.
◦ Participate in recruitment and mentoring issues as able.
◦ Provide quarterly board report to President by pre-assigned date to outline activities completed during each quarter.

General Schedule
Work with or contact both dietetics programs (SDSU and USD) on a quarterly basis or more as needed to inform them of current activities and needs of the BOD. Attend SDAND meetings (call-in or annual state meeting).

Students interested in the position should submit the following by March 1st:
◦ Resume
◦ A letter of recommendation from AND-member RD (this can include faculty members).
◦ Short essay (no more than 500 words) describing the student’s interest in the position, the strengths the student will bring to the SDAND BOD and career goals.

Please email your information to the SDAND current President. Recommendation letters can be sent either via mail or via regular mail.








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